Sunday, July 15, 2007

Running A Stained Glass Business In Provo, Utah

I have to confess that I don't know everything! This comes as quite a shock to myself, since I thought I knew everything for such a long time. I still have an opinion about everything; such is my confidence in my own ideas and judgments. But I just don't know everything!

I sometimes struggle with who to vote for like everyone else. And I stand amazed at the choices that some of my children make. Wow, I really never saw some of those things coming! But when it comes to stained glass, I feel pretty comfortable with my knowledge.

I can cut glass and design glass and solder panels, I have experience that spans several decades and in all that time I've picked up a substantial body of knowledge, but I still don't know everything. And that's a good thing! It's fun to learn and explore new techniques, it's exciting to try something new, that we've never done before, like sandblasting on both sides of a piece of glass that we just tried last week.

But what I really don't know is the minds of other people. Why don't they have the same intense love of stained glass that we do? What is missing in their lives that they don't feel inspired by really great images in glass?

Now that we've been located in Provo, Utah for eight years, we ought to be getting pretty good as to how our business needs to function in Provo. But we're just starting to scratch the surface. A few developers, architects and builders know who we are, but certainly not all. It's an extremely fun part of building and running a business to get to know new people in the industry who introduce us to new projects and opportunities. And it's gratifying when someone we've worked with in the past searches us out and presents work to us that is challenging. We love that part of the business.

What I really wish for is that others in the stained glass business would share their experience and knowledge with us so that we might all be able to help and lift one another. I think there is an unlimited supply of opportunity for any stained glass artist who wants it. I believe that the world is full of the need for more beauty and inspiration and that as stained glass artists we (as a community) have only touched the surface. Who doesn't need more beauty and inspiration in their life?

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

How To Install Stained Glass in an Existing Window Frame -July 2007

We often have requests for articles on how to install stained glass windows. It's hard to get enough pictures to do an article because we are usually in such a hurry to get the job completed that we don't take the time to take a lot of pictures.
But a month or two ago, we took our time on an install so we could get enough pictures to show how the install went.

We built three panels to fit into an existing framework. We were sure they would fit because we traced a paper pattern of the existing window openings and then made them a little smaller.

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