Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Another Difference In Our Art

This is a copy of the inside of the invitation to the Zions Show which will take place May 16th, 2014 from 6 till 9. If you can you should come to this great event in Provo, Utah.

If you notice, in the second column, third from the bottom, it says "David Gomm". This is in spite of the fact that when we applied for the show, I made sure that I always signed David and Jeanne Gomm. This was because they did the same thing last year. I got the credit and Jeanne's name was left off.

Earlier this month we had a showing at the Windowbox Gallery here in Provo which will continue through this month, this time things were reversed and the show was listed by "Jeanne Gomm".

In the upcoming Spring Show at the Covey Center For The Arts, Jeanne is listed and I'm left off.

Whats the deal? People aren't in the habit of crediting more than one artist to a piece of art, it would be highly unusual for two painters to work on an art piece unless it was a large mural. But stained glass is different. Jeanne often will come up with a sketch of a concept for  a stained glass work. I will then take it and redraw it using AutoCAD so all lines are straight and circles are round, Then Jeanne will pick glass colors and trace the pattern pieces onto glass, I'll usually cut, Jeanne usually grinds and we both fit, foil and solder the piece. The work is done by two, a very collaborative effort.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Time Spent On Business

Jeanne and I spend a great deal of time on our art but more than half of our time is spent on the business or art!

Yesterday I got a couple of panels complete that I'm reinforcing for an artist friend, I felt I accomplished a great deal. In addition to that, I got 6 pages placed on the website showing more in our gallery of work.

So I spent more time on the "business" of stained glass than I did on building or designing the work. We spend so much time planning for shows, deciding what will be in them, what should the theme be, hauling the work back and forth and then we might get to work on the art of stained glass.

Sometimes I daydream of the days when a wealthy patron might take a "protege" under their wing and help provide them with the funding to work and work and work.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Process-Stained Glass

Kelsi Gunderson shot a student video of the stained glass process at our studio.
You cand see it at
which is at our youtube channel
and at
which is her channel

Friday, March 14, 2014

Ready For The Reception

Stained glass reception tonight part of SHAW (sugar house art walk)
Brittany Golden Studio
1115 E 2100 S, SLC UT 84106
from 6 to 9
refreshments will be served and you get to meet the wonderful artists!

click for Brittanys Website

click here to visit our website

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hanging Glass

Here we are at the Jewelry Studio in Sugar House. I had to put hooks in a wood stringer over the window so we could hang some of the glass in the window.

We'll be at Brittany Golden Studio in Sugar House Friday night from 6 to 9 and our work will hang through March.

Find directions to her studio at                                                                                         

                                                                click here to visit our website

                                                                click here to learn more about our instructional videos

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Getting Ready For A Show

On Friday we'll be showing stained glass at the Brittany Golden Studio in Sugar House. Brittany is a wonderful jeweler and her website is an inspiration to me  She was the one who introduced us to Weebly and that's how we began to rewrite all our websites into one. Her studio is at 1115 E and 2100 S, SLC Utah 84106 We''l be there friday from 6 till 9.

Here I'm cleaning all the windows

And here's a shot of the whole stack of windows ready to go in the car. A flat stack of eleven panels is just not that cool looking.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Help From A Friend

Alisha Bishop came to our home and gave us lots of marketing advice. Not only did she give us suggestions as to what we could be doing, she also showed us how to implement those suggestions! It was such fun to meet with her and gain from her experience.

Friday, March 07, 2014

In The Studio

This week Jeanne and I have been working on a angel together. The results are quite stunning, she really looks good! Jeanne's color choices have been so harmonious and vibrant. It's a very satisfying project!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Much To Do

Today Jeanne is completing some musical gift items to be put up on a web site for piano teachers. Susan has done a lot for the site, she's one of our long time students.
I'm building a portable six foot easel for use at the Popup Gallery show in downtown Provo on Friday February 7th from 6 to 9pm.
 You can learn about the gallery at

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Articles Are Transfered And Updated

I've rewritten and updated all the articles on BetterStainedGlass so they are all on the new website.

Now for the short articles on the other site!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Stained Glass Sidelites

We finished a couple of sidelites for an entryway. They are very nice. The bevel clusters were quite pricey, but we still gave the clients a great price (the clusters were priced at our cost. These panels will get placed in insulated units and then installed in a door system. 3 different companies working together to complete the project.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Great Fun with Stained Glass

I posted a Youtube video and recently re-posted it with higher resolution and I did the anti-shake option so it's easier to watch.

This year has been one of great success so far. We finished "The Dance Of Life" and did some panels for a designer in Salt Lake.

Here is a view of those windows from inside her design studio. They are very big, we had Glass Doctor in Springville install them. Candace says the only problem with them is that they get so much attention that her clients can't take their eyes off of them to look at items in the design studio!

Then, Candace had us build a Grand Entry for a home north of the capital in Salt Lake City. Never one to make things easy for us, we had to have it built and installed in a month!

It turned out great!

We are currently frantically finishing up 6 more smaller projects so we can build Christmas gift type items.

We have nearly finished teaching the Living Social Star classes we had scheduled and the Amazon local ones will expire in November so that constant barrage of classes will come to an end.!

We couldn't be happier with the way things are going!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Studio Tour

Jeanne and I have been improving and cleaning and spiffying up our studio in preparation of the Utah Valley Artist Guild coming to visit. That was last night and it was great fun  meeting with the artists and discussing their work and ours.

Here I hang a second panel for display on the new staircase treatment we just finished.

Here, Jeanne stands proudly in front of our new "gallery" space. There's room for four 18" wide panels and we feel sure that we'll change it up often.

Below we have pictures from the studio tour.


Wednesday, July 03, 2013

We're losing a window but gaining a door.

New header in place, window is gone. Lots of light cause there's a big hole in the wall.

How come the AC is working very well? Cooling all of Provo isn't working! Man it's been hot!

Friday, June 28, 2013

 Here are the latest pictures I have posted on the student pages on our website. It's another milestone, so far we've taught exactly 100 students this year, not counting students who haven't finished their projects so they aren't on the student pages website. This is a pretty big number and Jeanne gets worn out by the end of the day sometimes. They say we should post this kind of notice on our blog as well as the web because folks don't see the website as often.
We hope you're having a wonderful summer! The 4th is coming, I'll bet there will be many stories to read on facebook.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

What does painting the shed have to do with stained glass?

Here's the before picture where you see the bad paint on the shed. Landon and I are setting up to paint the side of the shed in the neighbors back yard.

But what does this have to do with art?
Landon is  proud of the improved look of this section of the shed.

But that still isn't art.
 Here Landon is reaching for the tip of the rafter. He's painting the roof edge as well as the shed walls.

Art? Stained Glass? We think that artists need to surround themselves with beauty. And painting the shed does add some beauty to our surroundings.
Jeanne gets into the act by trimming and pruning the fence line between the two houses.

I have my ball cap backwards just like we do for safety when grinding (this is as a sun shade)

It makes a difference, one side of the shed is starting to look new and the other side looks weathered.

So..the shed is a nicer looking structure and the neighbors don't have to look at that eyesore. We have made our little part of the world a bit better. And that's what we do when we create art.

Monday, June 24, 2013

A Woodworking Project

I have to do many things before I can do a woodworking project. I have to finish most of the projects I'm working on and clean up all the tools used of the project, toss out the un-needed pattern pieces, put the scraps in the bins and shift the tables back to their normal position.

I'm tired already! Then to do this project, I had to go to Home Depot twice and move glass out of my way. The window box is made of cedar, they didn't sell a 48" one. So I made my own and Jeanne found a great deal on flowers today.

Tommorrow, I'll probably finish the sidelight that I soldered on today and then I can foil the next one that I finished cutting out today..then I'll think about more work on my walkway cover!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

YouTube Video Newsletter

I've posted several video newsletter items recently

This first is the one that I think everyone will be interested in "Dance Of Life Stained Glass Install Celebration"
 is a video 3:40 long of the five separate installs that took over seven months to complete. It inspires me!

Next, all who do stained glass may find this useful at some time "Handling Big Stained Glass Panels" is a video that chronicles our path of learning how to deal with these particularly large panels that we've been building in the last two years.

I put up a lesson that Jeanne teaches on signing stained glass work  "Signing Your Stained Glass Work"
a 4:16 long discussion that may be of interest.

These three videos take you through the steps outlined at a workshop on marketing stained glass.

We hope this finds you well and enjoying your summer.
Feel free to pass these links along to others that will enjoy them.

-David and Jeanne at Gomm Stained Glass

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Dance Of Life Stained Glass Install Celebration
Lynde Mott suggested that the Firebird music by Stravinsky by played during our final install of the "Dance Of Life" stained glass project. We started building it in the middle of the summer and 7 months later, in the winter, it was complete.
Jeanne filmed all of the clips used in this video and designed several variations for this window. As the project continued, the customer made suggestions and was never afraid of color.

Christopher, our son, was instrumental in helping this install go well and Dane, our other son, helped a great deal as I built the panels.

This is the kind of project we dream about. One where the client wants beauty and is unafraid of the concept, in fact pushes us for more color and comes up with stories that push the design even further. Cost was never an issue, we hope you enjoy this presentation of our work.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

First Install North Of Capital Went Well

 So we all get in the act, David, Christopher and Landon up 20 feet in the air installing 2 of the five panels.
It surprised me that it took closer to two hours to put the five panels in place. I had estimated 1 hour. But oh, doesn't it look nice?

Monday, June 03, 2013

 We asked our stained glass students to help raise the wall for our walkway the other day.
As you can see, it's coming along fine and by the end of summer, we should have a fine exterior entryway into our stained glass studio.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Our artist friend, Lynde Mott helped Jeanne come up with a landscaping plan this year. This week we laid down a layer of newspaper on the grass and added potting soil and garden soil on the newspaper. Then we layered on steer manure to create a wonderful planting bed.

Here Jeanne is sweeping out John truck. John is our home teacher who brought us a load of wood chips.

Here you see the large pile of organic material.

Here the bark mulch is laid down and Jeanne is planting our plant starts.

And here it is all planted. What does this have to do with stained glass? We make garden stakes out of glass and gardening gets you in touch with the creator and all life!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Star Students

Sadie and Eli came to a couples star class last night. They were extremely friendly and capable, easy to complete the stars they made.

Jeanne wondered why class went on for three hours since they were so good at building. It must have been that we were all having a good time (I wasn't there much..working on computer)

Eli says he'll help build a better logo for us, all we have to do is register at and look for gimme logos.
We've said it often, the reason we love teaching classes is because we get to meet such nice people.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Today, Dane came with me to help make patterns for a huge entryway. Dane doesn't get out often due to his injuries, but he has great upper body strength and is very good with heights. So this was perfect since we had to do 17 tracings of panels..up off of the ground.

The paper patterns took nearly an hour and it took an hour each way to get there, but that was a well spent three hours. Dane insisted that Jeanne needed to go with us and it turned out that she was able to cut patterns to size as we fit them. She and I moved the scaffold several times, taking Dane for a ride. It was a pretty good adventure..we still don't have an approval on the design that we're working on but it looks like a pretty sure thing that we'll get this job. Now if they didn't need it completed by the end of June!

The pattern was drawn using AutoCAD and as we put the pieces in place most were right on, but several were off by a considerable margin. This is why we do it on paper before doing it in glass.

Friday, April 12, 2013

We have several grinders on our wet workbench. Today, I had to clean off an area. If you look closely at the clean grinder, you can see a splatter ring on the wall behind it. Earlier today that ring was over an inch thick with powdered glass that had been slung by the grinder. When I went to take a picture of it, it fell off the wall. But, having noticed it, I had to clean up. The wall didn't take too much effort, even though there was some buildup that didn't come of and I couldn't sand it away without scratching the Formica on the wall. Before I started, both grinders looked equally bad. I just had to spend two hours of scrubbing, filing, sandblasting and sanding to get the one on the right looking new. I'll get to the other one on a day where I have another two hours. There's a message here, keep things clean as you go along or spend a long time getting them clean later. Our Spring cleaning keeps on and on, but the shop is looking great!

Learning To Live With Disappointment's the cute little panel Jeanne created to see if she could use the kiln to come up with a logo design for a client.

She followed a design that they have printed on their business card.

The little vines took quite awhile to cut out.

She probably spent 2 or 3 days working on the panel.

There is a piece of moonstone glass under the colored stripes to give the panel some thickness. I fired this to 1350 last night.

And here it is, a mess!

You can see that the moonstone broke beneath the colored strips, moved everything about and even began running off the kiln shelf.

What went wrong? I probably ramped the temperature up too fast.

Back to the drawing board...They say that fused artists learn to live with disappointment.