Monday, February 14, 2011

Valetines Day and Art Glass

I'm writing this on Valentines Day and the best thing I can give Jeanne is to work long hours and get some projects completed so that she isn't so stressed (and maybe give her some bubble bath and time to use it).

The funny thing is that the lead up to Valentines Day has been a flurry of getting gift items ready for two different shows. One was at the Finer Consigner in Pleasant Grove and the other a week later at ION fitness in North Provo. After all the gift pieces were made and we had put on the first show, I found myself walking through a store one day and wondering why the Valentines candy hadn't been marked down more than it had been. Then I realized that the holiday hadn't come yet, that I was thinking it was over because we had completed our show!

The truth is, it was fun getting ready for those shows. Little heart shaped glass items have a real meaning before and on Valentines Day. Then it's like the day after Christmas, you can't give away those things that meant so much a few days before.

This is why it's important as we build our art and gift items to continue to create inspiring art and just a few gift items.

Hope your holiday is a joyful one.