Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another Happy Install

It is so much fun to go on certain installs. When the client is there and thrilled with our work, it really is fun. Yesterday, we installed three transom windows. Cindi really liked them, we know this because she kept repeating every sentence three times. "I love it, love it, love it." "They look better than I imagined, they really look better than I imagined they would, I can't believe it, they look so much better than I ever imagined!"

It really was fun for us to see and hear her reaction. We try not to do installs, because they take up so much time and many times it's better handled by those who have the tools. That's why we never install insulated units, we let professional installers we work with do the installs.

The great thing about working with Cindi is that she knew what she wanted, she was decisive on her decisions and when we delivered early, she was so happy. She is one of those 80% customers who are easy to work with, love the design, love the price, everything goes so smoothly that the job is easy. The only drawback is that because everything goes so smoothly, you almost forget these type of clients easily. It's the ones that make life miserable for you that we remember. Why is that?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Salmon Swim Upstream

Every day, the news is full of bleak reports of economic downturns. The bad stories and negative images is enough to make a person give up hope (that's why they called it the Great DEPPRESSION). With the trials that the building trades have experienced, I confess that I’ve even given thought to taking work as a tech writer again and putting stained glass on part-time.

But, successful people advise that when times are tough, there is greater opportunity. It's a time when the weak players are shaken out and the way is clear for innovative companies to succeed and forge new paths.

Salmon swim upstream, we can too! So, even though we're late, we went ahead and mailed off our application (and fees) so we can be an official part of the Parade Of Homes this year. We've been in homes three of the last four years, but we've never felt prepared to make the $450 commitment to actually join the homebuilders association. But, since we want to be Salmon and not guppies, we went ahead and joined.

We're also working on mailings to send out to potential clients. I've bought some lists so I better start sending something out!

Now these two little baby steps may sound small, but the only real money we've ever spent on advertising has been on yellow page ads and an on-line web program that didn't really do us any good. So these activities could far out-stretch our previous efforts.

Last year we made less money than the year before, but we were working on a donated project which took a lot of our earnings time away. I think if we buckle down and really market ourselves, we'll either get results or find new ways to get results.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

How To Shorten A Stained Glass Panel

I felt like a transom window I was building was wrong, but each time I checked the measurements we took, they were right on. When we showed up to deliver the windows, it was obvious that it was too long. So I had to shorten it to fit.

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