Friday, June 28, 2013

 Here are the latest pictures I have posted on the student pages on our website. It's another milestone, so far we've taught exactly 100 students this year, not counting students who haven't finished their projects so they aren't on the student pages website. This is a pretty big number and Jeanne gets worn out by the end of the day sometimes. They say we should post this kind of notice on our blog as well as the web because folks don't see the website as often.
We hope you're having a wonderful summer! The 4th is coming, I'll bet there will be many stories to read on facebook.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

What does painting the shed have to do with stained glass?

Here's the before picture where you see the bad paint on the shed. Landon and I are setting up to paint the side of the shed in the neighbors back yard.

But what does this have to do with art?
Landon is  proud of the improved look of this section of the shed.

But that still isn't art.
 Here Landon is reaching for the tip of the rafter. He's painting the roof edge as well as the shed walls.

Art? Stained Glass? We think that artists need to surround themselves with beauty. And painting the shed does add some beauty to our surroundings.
Jeanne gets into the act by trimming and pruning the fence line between the two houses.

I have my ball cap backwards just like we do for safety when grinding (this is as a sun shade)

It makes a difference, one side of the shed is starting to look new and the other side looks weathered.

So..the shed is a nicer looking structure and the neighbors don't have to look at that eyesore. We have made our little part of the world a bit better. And that's what we do when we create art.

Monday, June 24, 2013

A Woodworking Project

I have to do many things before I can do a woodworking project. I have to finish most of the projects I'm working on and clean up all the tools used of the project, toss out the un-needed pattern pieces, put the scraps in the bins and shift the tables back to their normal position.

I'm tired already! Then to do this project, I had to go to Home Depot twice and move glass out of my way. The window box is made of cedar, they didn't sell a 48" one. So I made my own and Jeanne found a great deal on flowers today.

Tommorrow, I'll probably finish the sidelight that I soldered on today and then I can foil the next one that I finished cutting out today..then I'll think about more work on my walkway cover!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

YouTube Video Newsletter

I've posted several video newsletter items recently

This first is the one that I think everyone will be interested in "Dance Of Life Stained Glass Install Celebration"
 is a video 3:40 long of the five separate installs that took over seven months to complete. It inspires me!

Next, all who do stained glass may find this useful at some time "Handling Big Stained Glass Panels" is a video that chronicles our path of learning how to deal with these particularly large panels that we've been building in the last two years.

I put up a lesson that Jeanne teaches on signing stained glass work  "Signing Your Stained Glass Work"
a 4:16 long discussion that may be of interest.

These three videos take you through the steps outlined at a workshop on marketing stained glass.

We hope this finds you well and enjoying your summer.
Feel free to pass these links along to others that will enjoy them.

-David and Jeanne at Gomm Stained Glass

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Dance Of Life Stained Glass Install Celebration
Lynde Mott suggested that the Firebird music by Stravinsky by played during our final install of the "Dance Of Life" stained glass project. We started building it in the middle of the summer and 7 months later, in the winter, it was complete.
Jeanne filmed all of the clips used in this video and designed several variations for this window. As the project continued, the customer made suggestions and was never afraid of color.

Christopher, our son, was instrumental in helping this install go well and Dane, our other son, helped a great deal as I built the panels.

This is the kind of project we dream about. One where the client wants beauty and is unafraid of the concept, in fact pushes us for more color and comes up with stories that push the design even further. Cost was never an issue, we hope you enjoy this presentation of our work.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

First Install North Of Capital Went Well

 So we all get in the act, David, Christopher and Landon up 20 feet in the air installing 2 of the five panels.
It surprised me that it took closer to two hours to put the five panels in place. I had estimated 1 hour. But oh, doesn't it look nice?

Monday, June 03, 2013

 We asked our stained glass students to help raise the wall for our walkway the other day.
As you can see, it's coming along fine and by the end of summer, we should have a fine exterior entryway into our stained glass studio.