Thursday, June 27, 2013

What does painting the shed have to do with stained glass?

Here's the before picture where you see the bad paint on the shed. Landon and I are setting up to paint the side of the shed in the neighbors back yard.

But what does this have to do with art?
Landon is  proud of the improved look of this section of the shed.

But that still isn't art.
 Here Landon is reaching for the tip of the rafter. He's painting the roof edge as well as the shed walls.

Art? Stained Glass? We think that artists need to surround themselves with beauty. And painting the shed does add some beauty to our surroundings.
Jeanne gets into the act by trimming and pruning the fence line between the two houses.

I have my ball cap backwards just like we do for safety when grinding (this is as a sun shade)

It makes a difference, one side of the shed is starting to look new and the other side looks weathered.

So..the shed is a nicer looking structure and the neighbors don't have to look at that eyesore. We have made our little part of the world a bit better. And that's what we do when we create art.

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