Saturday, June 08, 2013

Dance Of Life Stained Glass Install Celebration
Lynde Mott suggested that the Firebird music by Stravinsky by played during our final install of the "Dance Of Life" stained glass project. We started building it in the middle of the summer and 7 months later, in the winter, it was complete.
Jeanne filmed all of the clips used in this video and designed several variations for this window. As the project continued, the customer made suggestions and was never afraid of color.

Christopher, our son, was instrumental in helping this install go well and Dane, our other son, helped a great deal as I built the panels.

This is the kind of project we dream about. One where the client wants beauty and is unafraid of the concept, in fact pushes us for more color and comes up with stories that push the design even further. Cost was never an issue, we hope you enjoy this presentation of our work.

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Annacarin said...

Very nice! So fun to do that work.
From Sweden Annacarin Dahlberg