Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Focus

Jeanne has found a new type of stained glass that we really think is exceptional. She started by hand drawing a design which she says is a mixture between the Frank Lloyd Wright style and the work of Gustav Klimt, the artist who shows people with impossible neck positions. Klimt puts some very unique patterns in the fabrics that he draws and that inspires Jeanne to create something similar in the kiln. She then puts those pieces with antique glass dishes and comes up with a unique piece that makes me smile. There's just something about this glass that makes the person viewing it happy. This is so true that the manger of the Covey Center For The Arts offered to let us keep the pieces we have on display for "as long as we like" and asked if we wanted to add two more pieces. Another fellow who works as a tech at the Center said his mother saw the pieces at Christmas time and fell in love with them! This is high praise since so many folks just walk by the art without a glance.