Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Marriot Grand Opening

We set up a display with a multitude of other artists the other day at a show at the Draper Marriot Springhill Suites. The event was well attended an we got a chance to meet some of our artist friends and socialize with the community members about our art work.

It really wasn't the kind of crowd who are folks that are interested in art, but it was good exposure and quite fun to talk to folks from many walks of life.

The live jazz ensemble was very good. When we arrived, they had scheduled us to be placed outside on the patio, but we were concerned that a gust of wind might blow over an easel and stained glass falling on concrete is not recommended. Fortunately, a friend who is a photographer suggested that we set up next to him since he was having to close windows to keep the bright light off of his work.

We placed "The Woman At The Well" on our led lit box and set it in a dark corner. The light was perfect and we're looking forward to getting more boxes because they show the stained glass so well.