Thursday, April 17, 2014

Time Spent On Business

Jeanne and I spend a great deal of time on our art but more than half of our time is spent on the business or art!

Yesterday I got a couple of panels complete that I'm reinforcing for an artist friend, I felt I accomplished a great deal. In addition to that, I got 6 pages placed on the website showing more in our gallery of work.

So I spent more time on the "business" of stained glass than I did on building or designing the work. We spend so much time planning for shows, deciding what will be in them, what should the theme be, hauling the work back and forth and then we might get to work on the art of stained glass.

Sometimes I daydream of the days when a wealthy patron might take a "protege" under their wing and help provide them with the funding to work and work and work.