Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Another Difference In Our Art

This is a copy of the inside of the invitation to the Zions Show which will take place May 16th, 2014 from 6 till 9. If you can you should come to this great event in Provo, Utah.

If you notice, in the second column, third from the bottom, it says "David Gomm". This is in spite of the fact that when we applied for the show, I made sure that I always signed David and Jeanne Gomm. This was because they did the same thing last year. I got the credit and Jeanne's name was left off.

Earlier this month we had a showing at the Windowbox Gallery here in Provo which will continue through this month, this time things were reversed and the show was listed by "Jeanne Gomm".

In the upcoming Spring Show at the Covey Center For The Arts, Jeanne is listed and I'm left off.

Whats the deal? People aren't in the habit of crediting more than one artist to a piece of art, it would be highly unusual for two painters to work on an art piece unless it was a large mural. But stained glass is different. Jeanne often will come up with a sketch of a concept for  a stained glass work. I will then take it and redraw it using AutoCAD so all lines are straight and circles are round, Then Jeanne will pick glass colors and trace the pattern pieces onto glass, I'll usually cut, Jeanne usually grinds and we both fit, foil and solder the piece. The work is done by two, a very collaborative effort.