Friday, January 30, 2009

"Falling In Place," The Stained Glass Cube

We spent several days building "Falling In Place," The Stained Glass Cube." It was a fun challenge, coming up with a concept that would show the steps of creation for a show in February. Around the outside of the box are the words "Imagine, Create, Share and Inspire." These are the words which describe the process of the creative cycle. On the bottom of the base is a paper pattern with poster patterns placed on top of the print. This demonstrates how we start with a paper pattern and then cut out cardboard pattern pieces to be able to trace the glass outline. There are seven pieces of glass that have been cut out, inside the cube at different heights to look as if they are being placed onto the pattern. The first couple of pieces are cut and ground, the next are cut, ground and foiled and the last have been foiled and soldered to give the impression of the steps that the construction will follow. On top of the box is the completed panel.