Sunday, April 25, 2010

Working On A Newsletter

In our April newsletter I showed half of the procedure to setting up a sandblast cabinet and I'm finishing the article for our May newsletter as I finish my own cabinet. It's nearly done. The photo with this blog is what you have to wear when not using a sandblast cabinet.

When I learned to sandblast in Missouri, I would suit up (with a much better respirator) and rubber gloves that extended to my shoulders. I ran the sandblaster on the back porch and nothing else could be done back there since it created such a mess. Many times the humidity would be so high that it was difficult, sometimes impossible to get the sand to flow.

Now that we reside in Utah, it's so dry that I can blast even when it's's that dry! In fact, I often get static shocks from the cabinet through my clothes. I'm not a masochist but those shocks are almost..almost enjoyable because they mean I'm getting very good sand flow.

The art that you can produce with sand carving is worth the expense and effort of setting up a system.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Working on Sandblasting

I wrote about the first half of setting up a sand blast system in our April newsletter. Now I'm working on the second half for May. It takes awhile because I have to set up the system to write about it and you have to make things up as you go. I put the sand blast hose through the cabinet and I don't like it, so I have to figure a better way. So if you do things by trial and error, you've got to get to the right way to do it before you go writing an article about it...don't you?