Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Great Fun with Stained Glass

I posted a Youtube video and recently re-posted it with higher resolution and I did the anti-shake option so it's easier to watch.


This year has been one of great success so far. We finished "The Dance Of Life" and did some panels for a designer in Salt Lake.

Here is a view of those windows from inside her design studio. They are very big, we had Glass Doctor in Springville install them. Candace says the only problem with them is that they get so much attention that her clients can't take their eyes off of them to look at items in the design studio!

Then, Candace had us build a Grand Entry for a home north of the capital in Salt Lake City. Never one to make things easy for us, we had to have it built and installed in a month!

It turned out great!

We are currently frantically finishing up 6 more smaller projects so we can build Christmas gift type items.

We have nearly finished teaching the Living Social Star classes we had scheduled and the Amazon local ones will expire in November so that constant barrage of classes will come to an end.!

We couldn't be happier with the way things are going!