Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Getting Inspired

Inspiration can come in many forms and from many different sources. There really are times where I look for inspiration and nothing comes, I sit wondering if I'm no longer creative, if I need to find a normal job because I can't create any longer. Then, the dry spell ends and I'm inspired by every little thing that crosses my path. The wind inspires, the colors in nature inspire, the stories I hear, the quiet of a moment. It's really amazing the difference between the dry spell and the storm of inspiration. The other day, the floods came. We hiked (walked) to Bridal Veil Falls, inspiration! I attended the Creative Collaborative meeting inspiration.

Jolynn Foreman told me stories ( that sent me off on creative imaginings. I found a drawing that was similar to one I was planning, so I saved a lot of repetition and got a lot of work done in a short time.

Just a great sense of joy comes when the muse hits!