Friday, January 21, 2011

Lots Of Glass! 2011 is going to be great!

It's so much fun to build more glass. We've got a lot to do and it's great.

I love cutting the glass, I love fitting the glass and I love soldering the panels together.

We got a crate of glass the other day and it took several days to unload and organize all the glass. It's great to have all the racks full! Now I just need more solder!

2011 promises to be great. We knew already, but things just keep getting better!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Years and Resolutions

With the New Year here and a brief look back at our accomplishments last year and our hopes for a bright new year, Jeanne and I have been reviewing and setting goals for 2011.

I am happy that we were able to get her book completed in 2010.

We have set particular goals as to what we're going to write this year and we will be focusing on stained glass instruction on two different projects.

In 2010 we started with 2 videos (Beginning Stained Glass and Stained Glass Picture Frames) and added 3 more instruction videos (Stained Glass Jewelry Boxes, Stained Glass Kaleidoscopes and How To Make Stained Glass Charms)

We intend to get 4 more videos out there in 2011, starting with Stained Glass Family Projects which is in the review process right now.

We still haven't made a profit on all these instructional materials, but we're getting close to paying for all the setup costs and maybe by the end of the year we'll get to keep some of the royalties.

If money was what it was about, I'd probably be selling pizza or greeting cards, anything but working as an artist. We're very sure that things are looking better for the future and we wish for you to have a properous new year!