Saturday, June 15, 2013

YouTube Video Newsletter

I've posted several video newsletter items recently

This first is the one that I think everyone will be interested in "Dance Of Life Stained Glass Install Celebration"
 is a video 3:40 long of the five separate installs that took over seven months to complete. It inspires me!

Next, all who do stained glass may find this useful at some time "Handling Big Stained Glass Panels" is a video that chronicles our path of learning how to deal with these particularly large panels that we've been building in the last two years.

I put up a lesson that Jeanne teaches on signing stained glass work  "Signing Your Stained Glass Work"
a 4:16 long discussion that may be of interest.

These three videos take you through the steps outlined at a workshop on marketing stained glass.

We hope this finds you well and enjoying your summer.
Feel free to pass these links along to others that will enjoy them.

-David and Jeanne at Gomm Stained Glass

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