Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another Happy Install

It is so much fun to go on certain installs. When the client is there and thrilled with our work, it really is fun. Yesterday, we installed three transom windows. Cindi really liked them, we know this because she kept repeating every sentence three times. "I love it, love it, love it." "They look better than I imagined, they really look better than I imagined they would, I can't believe it, they look so much better than I ever imagined!"

It really was fun for us to see and hear her reaction. We try not to do installs, because they take up so much time and many times it's better handled by those who have the tools. That's why we never install insulated units, we let professional installers we work with do the installs.

The great thing about working with Cindi is that she knew what she wanted, she was decisive on her decisions and when we delivered early, she was so happy. She is one of those 80% customers who are easy to work with, love the design, love the price, everything goes so smoothly that the job is easy. The only drawback is that because everything goes so smoothly, you almost forget these type of clients easily. It's the ones that make life miserable for you that we remember. Why is that?

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