Monday, November 21, 2016

5 Reasons You Should Do Or Own Stained Glass

This week or video subject was "5 Reasons You Should Do Or Own Stained Glass" and we took a trip to Downtown Provo Historic "Provo Town Square".
We pointed out the two sky lights that they ordered from us (to the left is one of the two). and we walked over to the "Here" store where we teach seminars once a month and we display many pieces that are for sale.
The five reasons you should have or own stained glass are pretty straight forward.

1. It's Inspiring. Stained Glass is an art, and a craft and a hobby, but most of all it’s a compelling hobby!

2. It's Beautiful. When we finished our first piece of stained glass, we kept calling each other into the living room. You’ve got to see this, it’s changed again!

3. It's Versatile. There are so many different uses for stained glass. We’ve built table tops and kaleidoscopes. We’ve created picture frames and Jewelry. The list of different projects goes on and on. We sell 11 videos on Amazon and 9 of them are instructions on how to build different types of projects.

4. It's Therapeutic. Some students have called it therapy. You never have time to get tired of the tasks, because once you start to tire, you’re on to the next step.

5. It's Valuable and Collectible. Stained glass has an intrinsic value. People recognize it as valuable. We sold a house and they offered us more if we agreed to leave the stained glass installed. Gifty sun catchers don’t last, but real windows become something that will be passed down to future generations.

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