Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Getting Close to publishing our DVD

I couldn't have done it without a lot of help from friends. Ammon Ehrisman did almost all of the production. But when he was getting ready to move, he just ran out of time and washed his hands of the project. I can't say that I blame him, because it really took a long time to get this project complete. His website is He does excellent work and I wish him well in his ventures.

After Ammon left, Micheal Drebot took a crack at getting the video in shape for publication. He was going to do more, but the guy who was expert in Adobe editing first wanted too much money and then moved. But Micheal did get it into the format that we sold for awhile. Micheal's website is

Finally, I persuaded Cammon Randle of CopperRain to help with the video. He took pity on me and did work for a fraction of his normal charges. He cleaned up some problems with the video and then created "chapters" on the DVD so that people can easily skip from one spot to the next. His website is

To get the great artwork for the DVD, we did it ourselves several times and then we turned to the talents of Mark Ishii. He was able to help us come up with a more professional look while keeping the ideas we had that were good. His website is He really was a big help and we feel the money spent was worth it.

So finally, we're publishing the DVD and it will be sold on Amazon, another electronic store and our own site But it's not there yet, we have to send the DVD via mail to the production company. But we do expect to see it for sale by the end of January (which to me is record time!)

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