Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Charm School

We taught Melanie how to make charms because she wanted to make them as a business. Now, that pays off for us, because she has offered us a chance to solder charms for her to keep up with orders! These are the same type of charms that we offer kits for (click here to see kits) Melanie has a flair for design and marketing that is world class. We hope that hanging with her and her organization will let some of that talent rub onto us!

So we went by the other day and the girls showed us how they make charms, just like we do. It's a little strange, first we teach Melanie how to make charms, then she creates a charm business and then, when I told her we were working on a video on how to make charms, she got a little upset. In her mind, she taught us how to make them not the other way around...weird

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