Friday, January 22, 2010

Being Enthusiastic

The other day at a business meeting, I illustrated a point by talking about the gorgeous window we had laying on the bench in our studio. Later, I was told that as I present our message to potential clients, we need to be cautious not to be overly enthusiastic about our artwork.

This was a surprise. Apparently, you can be too enthusiastic and you wear the people out with your enthusiasm. This is funny to me, yet I can see the point. I've met people who wore me out with their energy. But so many of our clients, especially during the first weeks of getting a window, get so excited and happy about their art work, they can't contain themselves. So the lesson I'm learning is that excitement must be limited until the person has experienced it for themselves.


Sandy Levin said...

I know what you mean. I get very excited about my own glass work - even in the early stages before leading the piece I can see the finished product in my head.

Very nice window in progress! Keep the enthusiasm up - our energy gets transferred to our art and thereby transfers our joy to others.


zglassgoddess said...

ditto for excitement - I get carried away sometimes and that is a very good point about overwhelming folks with your enthusiasm. of course on the other end of the spectrum, some people are so bland that you want to stir them up a bit! your blog is great; I like all the photos and I love seeing what another business is into. I have just started my blog and am a total novice in this medium; your blog was very informative to me, will keep tuned in.