Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Find Myself Distracted

I do, I find myself distracted. I write a monthly newsletter ( ). It's about stained glass and features a tips and tricks article, a featured art project, a new free pattern and a highlighted supply that we sell. It takes quite a bit of time to set it up and publish it each month.

Then, I write two different blogs, My Stained Glass Adventures ( )and Confessions Of A Video Junkie ( ). The adventures one gets a post about once a month and the other usually twice a month. I find it hard to come up with more to say about stained glass more than once a month that isn't repetitive and redundant. With videos, I usually review ones that I've seen at home and have a strong opinion about.

Occasionally I write an article, strictly about stained glass that isn't a how to for the newsletter and it goes on our website.

Then there's the weekly writing I try to do on our facebook gommstudios group (!/group.php?gid=121011244611125 ) and the daily comments that go on the personal facebook feed, the monthly comments that go on the downtown Provo art gallery stroll group ( ) and the monthly comments on the Utah County Art Gallery facebook group (!/group.php?gid=120154841376303 ).

Now I'm writing a copy of this blog onto a Merchant Circle account and I enjoy answering questions that I receive weekly from those who find us on the Internet and those that are sent from

It's no wonder that I find myself distracted!

I aspired to becoming a writer when I was in high school, I guess I've made it on some level, I only hope I'm doing a good job of it.

(By the way, an author likes an audience, so if you click on the sites I've mentioned, feel free to become a follower or join the groups)

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sales said...

I hear ya about distractions. I ran a family stained glass business for 25 years. The day-to-day business keeps you away from being creative. Guy Somers