Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The "Reach" project continues

Here's a large photo of the first installed panel. I plan to finish soldering the front side of the second panel this weekend and get the second side done by labor day.

We made some errors in judgement on this second panel. We wanted to reuse the pattern pieces, which was okay, but we reused the paper pattern by turning it over. By doing that, we didn't have clean exact lines to build to.

This lead to some confusion where some pieces were laid out in the wrong place and we had to re-cut them when we discovered the problem.

Next time we want to save pattern pieces on a reversed pattern, we'll print a new paper pattern, so we can build to the lines. Maybe even number the pattern prior to printing.

This project is a constant source of joy. It's so fun to work on! Unfortunately, when we install it I'm going to have to stop for a week while we prepare the new pattern on the big table and we have a door panel to rebuild. Both activities require the long table to get them done.

It's great and the weather is cooling off occasionally so the studio is more pleasant.


Jess Toons said...

I love this, thank you for sharing! My sister works in a stained glass windows Lubbox TX and its so fun. The one she works at anybody can walk in and watch them work and ask questions. I go all the time. Were planning on making a window together to put in our apartment.

Noam Glass said...

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