Friday, April 10, 2015

Getting the Sawdust Flying

It looks like snow, but it's sawdust on the camera lens. I dug out the router, nailed the window frame to my work table and routed a clean grove in the frame. Sometime the bottom of a frame has a slot for the glass to slip in. It's great for the original window but doesn't allow us to put a new piece of glass in the frame. This is for a frame that belongs to a local decorator store, Brambles and Blossoms here in Provo. We build stained glass panels for them to resell occasionally. They are quite popular (stained glass in old window frames). We spend way too much time on preparing the frames for the glass, removing glass and putty and metal points.

Jeanne used plyers and a chisel to pull out the old glass. They thing that worries me is that we expose ourselves to lead paint on a lot of these old frames.

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