Monday, March 04, 2013

Project Is Complete!

When we started, the project was called "Reach" but as it evolved and the symbolism was explored and expanded, Jeanne renamed it. It's now "Dance Of Life."

We went last Tuesday and put the two corner panels in place. You cane see all the panels as Christopher and I install molding around each of the panels.

This is new for us, we've never installed molding before. Usually the client who may need molding has a carpenter on site, but in this case, Fred depended on us for the entire installation. I picked up 1-1/2" x 3/4" wood strips at Home Depot and stained them several days before the install. There was one place where one of the panels had slid down from their original placement before the caulking dried, so we added an extra strip of molding to fully cover the gap and it looked just like we wanted it, perfect!

We started building the stained glass back in June, so total time on the project was 9 months, but we did have to take time in between panels to complete other work.

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