Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Cleaning


It happens every year, when Spring starts to arrive Jeanne and I both get an urge to clean out the cobwebs, finish old projects and put a fresh look on our studio. This year, things got started early because the weather warmed up and Jeanne visited another artists studio and got inspired.

Shop tables are a little cluttered in this photo, but just because we're building a new woman of faith panel.

Now the shelves are painted, so is the scrap glass rack, and we added black bins for storage and a new filing cabinet to replace some that were breaking up. I finally covered the electric outlets that were just bare bulbs with new lamp shades that work well. The studio has a clean, warm feel to it. (Not shown is the drywall repair to a ceiling area that leaked before the new shingles went on and the painted underside of ceiling storage racks that really makes things look finished).

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