Friday, April 12, 2013

Learning To Live With Disappointment's the cute little panel Jeanne created to see if she could use the kiln to come up with a logo design for a client.

She followed a design that they have printed on their business card.

The little vines took quite awhile to cut out.

She probably spent 2 or 3 days working on the panel.

There is a piece of moonstone glass under the colored stripes to give the panel some thickness. I fired this to 1350 last night.

And here it is, a mess!

You can see that the moonstone broke beneath the colored strips, moved everything about and even began running off the kiln shelf.

What went wrong? I probably ramped the temperature up too fast.

Back to the drawing board...They say that fused artists learn to live with disappointment.

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Jason Knight said...

Oh, my Wife loves stained glass! She have been wanting a stained glass window in our house in victoria bc for a long time! I have been starting to look, because I think we finally have the funds to cover it, and I want to surprise her for our anniversary