Friday, April 12, 2013

We have several grinders on our wet workbench. Today, I had to clean off an area. If you look closely at the clean grinder, you can see a splatter ring on the wall behind it. Earlier today that ring was over an inch thick with powdered glass that had been slung by the grinder. When I went to take a picture of it, it fell off the wall. But, having noticed it, I had to clean up. The wall didn't take too much effort, even though there was some buildup that didn't come of and I couldn't sand it away without scratching the Formica on the wall. Before I started, both grinders looked equally bad. I just had to spend two hours of scrubbing, filing, sandblasting and sanding to get the one on the right looking new. I'll get to the other one on a day where I have another two hours. There's a message here, keep things clean as you go along or spend a long time getting them clean later. Our Spring cleaning keeps on and on, but the shop is looking great!

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