Monday, August 01, 2016

11 Cabinet Panels

It's always so great to do a large job, because it reminds us of how beautiful a lot of glass can be. When we bid on a job, I often wonder at how much we have to charge. Then we get the job complete, and pay for all the materials included and I no longer wonder..cause it costs nearly 2/3's of retail to build the job. That would indicate that we need to charge more, but I don't think so, it already costs plenty!

The fact is, these windows, when installed will make the home look like a million bucks! Just the most elegant touch to a beautiful kitchen, which makes it even better! It's true, every home is better with a touch of stained glass!

This is a job for French Style Designer, Candace Frioux of Maison Design in Holladay, we love working on her projects because they look so good when complete. She gets all the design elements just right. Her design store is at 2280 Murray Hollady Road, Salt Lake City, UT  84117 Her business number is 801-272-8003.

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