Thursday, August 25, 2016

Seven Down, One To Go!

This is one of the seven completed panels...why does it look so bad?

It hasn't yet been cleaned or patina'ed. I've placed it on 1" foam strips and blocks because its got a 3/4" reinforcement strip on the back of the panel. This runs up the center diagonal of the panel and will keep it from sagging, but for now it keeps the panel from lying flat on the table.

The panels will hang flat so gravity will be trying to pull the glass down. This extra strip will keep it rigid.

So, with 7 of the panels complete (4 delivered this week) I only have one to go. This is an especially gratifying job because it will go somewhere that it will be seen! Station 22 is a restaurant located in the historic Provo Town Square (22 Center St Provo, UT 84601).  One of the skylights is in the restaurant and one is west in the walk through between the front and the back of the complex.

We'll be adding a few more pictures of this project as it gets installed. Visit us at I've changed things around a bit to help navigation to be easier. Let me know what you think.

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